Friday, 8 September 2017

Blog post.

Yesterday Room 14 went to Rutherford. I was in tennis with my friend Michael. We were going to walk but it was rainy and windy, so we took our umbrellas and went in car. When we got there we went to the tennis court. We were going good till it rained again,so we went and played inside. What we did was, Gene (our coach), grabbed some balls and hit them and we would have to hit them back. Also, he wouldn't wait for you so you had to be quick. After that we did some rallying. Me and Michael were the kings. We had to defend our spot by winning two points. It was really fun and energizing. We were in,out,in,out and it was funny! After 15 minutes it cleared up and we had to go back to school. I wanted to go back to school but it was fun at tennis anyway.

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