Monday, 10 April 2017

Park story

It was a shining day and me and my class walked to a small park.It was about a 5 or 10 minute walk.I tired me out but I was really energetic for the fun! When we got there one third of the class went to the two swings. I looked at them. They swung back and forth. I got bored so i went on the slide. I slithered down the slippery slide. I got wet at the bottom. I almost fell down when I got up. It was funny!
I was going to get back up until I saw people taking pictures on blue tablets. Some of the pictures were silly. They were also taking videos. They were all in slow mode and some videos were just looking at the solid ground. It was hilarious!
Then I went on the thing nearly the whole entire class was on it. It was… The big Jungle gym!!! There were ladders,poles and a climbing rope! They were up,down,sideways EVERYWHERE!!! I was getting pushed,shoved and all that other nonsense. I was in the Jungle gym for ten minutes. Some of the kids were saying “I'm Spiderman!” After about another 5 minutes in the big jungle gym we needed to walk back to school. Everyone sighed with sadness but it was a great day for me and the class. Now the really long walk and about 5 minutes we were back at school doing what we do best… Study!!

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