Tuesday, 30 August 2016


A few weeks ago I did gymnastics. There was a foam pit, two trampolines, an air track and two obstacle courses. My favourite part of the gym is the foam pit because the foam blocks are fluffy and its really hard to get out the trampolines. My second favourite thing there is an Olympics trampoline. it goes really high. My third favourite is the air track because you run to the end and jump onto a mattress but I jump into the foam pit. The last favourite are the obstacle courses because they have a wall that you climb and there are poison block on it so we cant touch them. There are rope swings and a trampoline that goes into the foam pit. The other one has a rolly polly mattress. There is a pole that you have to swing around on. There's two trust climb ledges. That is my favourite gym, you should go there to.

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