Monday, 27 June 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W9

What: Last week I did transactional writing about if we are allowed or not allowed to have tackle games at our school. I chose that we should be able to play tackle games at our school. After I learnt about the water cycle. It starts as water vapor then turns into a cloud. The cloud rains and goes as fresh water down the mountain. Now it goes to the river or ocean. The sun warms the water up so it makes water vapor. Now the water vapor cools down an joins together to make a cloud again then it starts all over again. After that I wrote 5 facts about the steps of the water cycle. The names of the steps are condensation, precipitation, accumulation, evaporation and transpiration.

So What: Last week I learnt about the water cycle.

Now What: I have not achieved my goal of listening because I am sometimes not listening to the teacher.
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